The solution when kids can't sound blend. Teach the Concept of Word Families and Rhyming in Minutes using Spuzzles!

<b><font size="4">Spuzzles</b></font>Spuzzle Rhymes or Spuzzles are SPelling Puzzle rhymes. Perfect for children with poor phonemic awareness. Ideal intervention for phonological awareness. Be amazed at how quickly children learn to rhyme, recognize word families, phonograms, or spelling patterns when you SHOW them how words are formed. When you put the puzzle halves together, only words that share the same rime or word family make pictures. The concept that putting sounds together makes a meaningful word is visualized. "Do 'cat' and 'bear' rhyme?" A child who can't hear the rhyme can quickly see that they do not rhyme - adding the "bear" half to the -at phonogram does not make a meaningful picture. The words "hat" and "cat" do rhyme - when joined to -at, both halves make meaningful pictures. These cards help children see phonograms within words when reading, and teach spelling patterns to children who have difficulty hearing vowels within words. These make a great activity within a group or when placed in a learning center for independent learning.

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