AR1 Articulation Literacy Worksheets

AR1 Articulation Literacy Worksheets
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Letter-Word Articulation Worksheets: 70 worksheets cue speech using Morphophonic words. The Phonic Fac provides visual cues for the speech sound: letters superimposed into pictures cue meaning and facilitate sight word learning. Children learn literacy skills while practicing articulation! Principals will love your contributions to school literacy.

Teacher worksheets focus on a phonic rule, such as short and long vowels. SLP worksheets focus on a consonant sound. These articulation phonics hybrids work on consonant sounds while teaching syllables, long and short vowels, and other phonic skills. The Phonic Faces provide speech cues for the production of target sounds in initial, medial and final position of words, words in sentences, and spontaneous talk about the picture using target words. 376 lesson plans for s r l f k g ch sh th.

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