Phonic Faces Alphabet Storybooks

<b><font size="4">Phonic Faces Alphabet Storybooks</b></font size> Use the 34 Phonic Faces Alphabet Storybooks (12 pages in each book) to locate letters and make corresponding sounds as a natural part of the story. During the preschool years, these wonderful educational books teach phonemic awareness, letter-sounds, and language skills. A must for every preK and kindergarten classroom! At first grade, these books teach phonic skills, especially long and short vowel contrasts, and sight words as children learn to read the books themselves. Colorful pictures, interesting stories, and topics children relate to make these books favorites to read over and over, each time reinforcing the letter/sound connection. The stories fit common themes in early childhood classrooms, making it easy to create thematic activities around the books, or to integrate the books into your existing themes. Learn counting, colors, rhyming, fast/slow, and many other concepts while reading! The books also are the perfect tool for speech and language pathology, including articulation therapy and language intervention.

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