Parents - teach your child to sound
out words the fun way!

Phonic Faces Alphabet CardsWith other alphabets, children have to already know the sounds that go with letters to begin to sound out words. Children have to remember these associations because the alphabet letters do not look like sounds. This makes learning to read difficult for young learners.

With Phonic Faces children can learn to sound out simple words immediately, even if they donít know the alphabet or letter sounds. All they need to do is imitate the mouth positions shown in the faces and they are reading!

Phonic Faces grow with your child. They can be used to SHOW phonic rules, to learn how to rhyme, spell, and break words into syllables. Children love the faces, and the easy to read manual tells you how to use them to teach a variety of reading skills.

Is your child falling behind in school? Phonic Faces has been the answer for many children. End the frustration of not being able to hear and decode sounds. Phonic Faces let children SEE sounds.

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