AAC Users Improve in 8 Weeks

AAC Users Improve in 8 WeeksReading and Writing are the most communicative symbol systems for AAC users, yet fewer than 50% of children using AAC learn to read. In this study, 3 nonverbal and nonliterate 5-8 year old children read Phonic Faces Alphabet-Storybooks in e-book format for some alphabet letters and traditional alphabet books in e-book format. During Phase 1 (following a baseline), the letters taught using Phonic Faces immediately went up to mastery or near mastery on daily probes while the alternate letters remained unchanged until near the end of the cycle. During Phase 2, the treatments were reversed, and again immediate changes were shown for the letters previously taught using traditional alphabet books using Phonic Faces. Results on a standardized test (The Test of Phonological Awareness) showed scores increasing from +1 to +2.9 sd on measures of phonemic awareness and letter-sound knowledge. All measures (daily probes and standardized test measures) were significant.

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