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PHONIC FACES is a unique alphabet that enables children to SEE sounds! Letters in the mouth look like the lips or tongue making the sound, a form of cued speech.

PHONIC FACES have been used by speech-language pathologists, special educators, early childhood teachers, English Language Arts teachers and parents to develop speech articulation, letter-sound correspondence, sounding out words, spelling words, and phonics principles in children from Pre-K through 2nd grade children learning reading and spelling principles. Also used with children with delayed phonological development, apraxia of speech, dyslexia, and visual learners of all ages.

PHONIC FACES products are accessible through the navigational bar on the left, including: personal size to classroom size Phonic Faces Cards for easy manipulation by adult and child. They are incorporated into Phonic Faces Storybooks for each sound. Phonic Faces Basic Books introduce very young children to letter-sounds. Reproducable Worksheets teach punctuation, letter-sound knowledge, and phonemic awareness. Letter-sound relationships for Spanish are represented in Spanish Phonic Faces. Detailed instructional examples are provided in the Phonic Faces Manual


MORPHOPHONIC FACES incorporate the phonic face for the first letter-sound and a pictorial representation of word meaning for 234 DOLCH words, 95 nouns, and 18 grammatical suffixes. They have been used to increase children's sight word knowledge as well as develop complex phrase and sentence structures within storybook reading.


SPUZZLES are puzzles that teach children to recognize the division of syllables into onsets and rhymes.

Learn more about Phonic Faces and Morphophonic and other materials that teach by showing. Help children learn their way!

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