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Phonemic Awareness Developmental Chart

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Click to enlargePhonic Faces Books are designed to teach Phonemic Awareness (see Research Evidence)
Click to enlargePhonic Faces Cards let children SEE and understand the concept of phonemes or sounds of the language
Click to enlargePhonic Rules ChartBecause Phonic Faces have different faces for long vowels, short vowels, vowel dipthongs, consonants, and consonant digraphs, it is easy to show how phonics rules work. Do you see 2 "baby vowels" (short vowels) together in a word? Bring in the grown-up (long vowel) to take care of both of them. Is "Mr. E" at the end of a word complaining about the noisy baby in his word? Silence him by trading the baby for the adult long vowel sound. Phonic Faces SHOW children how the vowel and consonant rules work using easy to remember explanations that make sense to children. Download the free powerpoint by clicking here.