Language/Reading Comprehension Materials

Reading comprehension interacts with the development of oral discourse and semantic/syntactic ability. Tools in this section address three broad areas of language development.

Syntactic development is addressed in Four Leaf Luck, an animated powerpoint, that shows the unpacking of complex sentence so that children can see how complex written language is derived from multiple simple sentences.

The Autism Intervention Programs demonstrate strategies for working with young children with autism.

The storyboards provide visual tools for teaching story grammar to improve reading comprehension, follow complex plots, and plan story elements for writing.

The Situational-Discourse-Semantic Model enables adults to understand how to work within Common Core Standards. The Situational Context identifies the characteristics of the learning situation. The Discourse Context identifies the organization of the language used in a situation. The semantic context identifies the levels of meaning used to talk about and process meaning. SDS tools include manuals and boards to cue the various levels.

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